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How to Hang a Gallery Wall, The Easy Way

3 Dec


Photos walls are so gorgeous, but can be oh so intimidating to hang!  Yesterday, I hung a photo gallery for a sweet client of mine. It was so easy I thought I would share a little “how to”…

Step One: Edit

For this project, we gathered photos that had previously been hung on this wall. The client had had her home painted and wanted to hang the pictures with a more cohesive look.

We started by selecting a style and theme for the photo wall. The theme, family. The style, old and new. You always want to start with a center point or points and work out from there.

We selected the three photos for the center. A wedding photo, a family letter, and a trio of all three of her children. This gave us a starting point and a direction to help select the rest of the photos.

Here are some of the photos before…


Step Two: Framing

We had two of the center photos custom framed and bought five new wall frames from Michaels.

Once all the photos were framed, I laid them out on the floor to get a general idea of how I wanted it to look.


Step Three: Templates

Next, I made templates. I have never used templates before, but it was absolutely worth the extra time! Hanging a gallery wall is not necessarily easy, especially when you are doing it yourself. Hanging templates allows you to step back and look at the wall. Then you can make adjustments before putting holes in the walls!

My ever so handy husband had a roll of grid paper in the garage. Lesson learned… stop being annoyed by the stuff my husband “hoards” in the garage. You never know when it will come in handy! 🙂

I found a similar grid paper on www.amazon.com. I would not make them without grid paper. It made it so much easier to cut straight lines and measure the nail location.

Once you have your grid paper, lay the framed picture on the paper. Make marks at each of the four corners and cut out the template.

Now for the hard part, measuring the nail location. First, find center of your frame and mark it on your template. Then, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the nail hanger and mark it on your template. Or another way,  lay the template on the back of the frame and make a mark where the hanger is located. I do a little combination of both!

Use a tape that will not pull paint off to adhere templates to the wall. I used washi tape, but painters tape or masking tape would work too.


Once, the all the templates are up on the wall step back and take a look. You can easily adjust positions or swap picture locations.

You can see… one of my frames came with it’s own template! Cool!

Step Four: Install

Once you have your templates set, you can start hammering! Start in the center and work your way to the outside.

Select the frame you want to start with and double check your center and nail locations one more time before nailing. I always catch a mistake or two!

Then hammer the nail into the spot on the template, remove the template, hang your picture and TADA!

Step Five: Enjoy!



Christmas Planning Kit

30 Nov

It is time! Tomorrow is the first day of December, so time to get organized and get shopping!

Last year, I purchased Christmas Planner sheets from an adorable Etsy shop! This year, I wanted to create my own. I think EVERYONE should have a Christmas planner! What a genius idea! I love having all of my Christmas information in one place. It will get you organized for this year and make planning for next year a snap!

You can print these at home or send to your local print shop! If you are interested in purchasing my Christmas Planner pages, e-mail me a llusk@leighluskliving.com. The cost is $8! I will send you a paypal invoice and you will receive an e-mail with your Christmas Planner!

Compilation Page

My Christmas Planner Includes Over 20 Organization Lists:

Planning Section:

  • December Calendar
  • To Do List
  • Traditions/Bucket List
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Planner
  • Party Planner and Invite List


Wish Lists Section:

  • Kid’s Wish List
  • Wish List
  • Family Wish List
  • Friend Wish List
  • Shopping Trip Planner
  • Budget Tracker


Menu Section:

  • Recipes
  • Baking List
  • Christmas Day Menus
  • Christmas Eve Menus
  • Menus/Baking Shopping List


Decorations Section:

  • Inside Decor Planner
  • Outside Decor Planner
  • Wrapping Supply List
  • Decorations Shopping List


Christmas Card Section:

  • Address List



  • Notes Section
  • Notes for Next Year

Happy Organizing!





Five Ways to Get Organized for the Holidays

17 Nov

Well, it is here… can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? The Christmas carols are already playing and parking lots are full! The holiday season is upon us, so it is time to get organized. Here are five ways to make the holiday season more simple!

Clean Out the Pantry


Check out www.iheartorganizing.com for some major pantry organization inspiration. Jen takes organization to the next level!

Cleaning out the pantry does not need to take long, give yourself 30 minutes. Remember, these tips are to make things simple. It is all about getting prepared, so that you can limit your holiday stress and enjoy!

The first 15 minutes, PURGE. Start by getting rid of any expired food, making room for all of the holiday goodies!

Then get out your recipes and take inventory of what you have and make a shopping list of the things you need. Shopping at home first and making a list will always save you time and money.

Clean Out the Refrigerator


Again look at this blog, Jen is amazing! www.iheartorganizing.com

Using the same principle above, PURGE, INVENTORY, MAKE A LIST. Purging will make room for all the extra food and supplies you will be storing during the season! Seriously, nothing is more annoying than a fridge busting at the seems.

Then clean it… yes that is right… give it a good scrub with mild soap and water. It is a chore, but oh my word it is such a wonderful feeling to have a clean fridge. Or is that just me?

Stock Up on Holiday Staples


Now, after cleaning and taking inventory of your refrigerator and pantry, you should have your shopping list for your holiday dishes. Make sure to inventory your paper products too. You need to shop for your non-perishable supplies about 7-10 days before Thanksgiving. If you wait until the days before Thanksgiving, you will be running from store to store looking for sweet potatoes and whole green beans. I know from experience!  Nothing steals your peace faster, than searching all over town for an ingredient you are missing!

Clean Out the Toys


I love these bins from www.landofnod.com.

Everyone who has kids, knows the feeling on Christmas morning when all the gifts have been opened. You are sitting in your pajamas, by the fire, drinking your coffee.  You enjoy a few perfect moments, then you realize you have to clean all of this up. You wonder who bought all this stuff and where are you going to put it? Ahh! I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.

This is a perfect time of year to clean house, when it comes to toys. The first step is gathering the toys. I don’t know about you, but toys in my house seem to end up scattered all over the place. Once the toys have been returned to their home, then sort them into categories. Books, pretend, barbies, trucks, puzzles, dress-up, stuffed animals and so on… When you have all the toys together and categorized, you can see just how much you have. If you have 50 trucks or barbies, you can probably get rid of a few. Especially, if you kids do not play with them.

You can even let your children select the toys to give away and donate them. It teaches them about not living in excess and the gift of giving.

Plan a Shopping Day

Woman carrying shopping bags

Plan a shopping day with your husband, mother, friend, whoever you chose! This is one of my favorite dates with my husband all year. We plan a day and night to do our Christmas shopping. In the past, we have done this in December. However, last year December seemed too late. This year we will do it before Thanksgiving!

Start making your list of gifts and stores you want to shop. Also, inventory your Christmas decor and wrapping supplies. Then map it out. You want to be efficient with your time. Plan your lunch and dinner spots too! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!

Kitchen Storage – Before and After

19 Jun

I am so behind on my before and after pictures! This is one of my favorite jobs, because it was the first job I did for one of my favorite clients. I have to say that I love what I do, but I really love the people I meet. Especially, the ones that become my friends and in a way a part of my family.

This client loves to cook and she spends a lot of time in her kitchen! She just needed a fresh set of eyes to determine where and how everything should be stored.

It is just that easy sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can be the best thing for a storage dilemma!






Aren’t before and after pictures awesome! Are you ready for yours?

School/Art Work Organization

21 May


Everyday, I am amazed at the amount of schoolwork and artwork my children bring home! The more children you have, the quicker it accumulates! It can be overwhelming! What to keep? Where to keep it? If you don’t have a system for storing it, it can get out of hand quickly!

Here are some quick tips and a storage solution, I think will work for everyone!

Step One – Discard Daily

When my kids get home, the first thing I do (after hugs) is go through their backpacks. I set aside important papers, display their artwork, and discard what does not need to be kept. Discarding your child’s work needs to happen daily, so it does not pile up and clutter your living space. Lets be honest, some school work or artwork comes home and you immediately know you will not keep it. Let it go. However, be sneaky, because hell hath no fury like a kid that finds their work in the trash!

Step Two – Display for a Month

Children love to have their work praised and displayed! I think it is a must to have a few places in your home where you can display your child’s work. Then when your display areas get crowded, it is time to discard or store.

Step Three – Discard

DO NOT keep everything! I know their little scribbles and handprints are adorable, but you do not need 20 or 50 of them. Keep the best, the ones you love, the ones that remind you of your child at this age, and let the rest go.

Step Three – Store It

The items that are not discarded should be labeled with your child’s name and age, then stored. I created art boxes, with the intention that this will be where all of their important papers are stored.

Art Boxes

In the past, I tried smaller boxes and binders. The small boxes filled up too quickly. The binders were overwhelming in another way. I realized that one binder, per child, per year was going to add up quickly. Then, where was I going to store all those binders?

So I found these extra large file storage boxes at The Container Store and I love them! It does seem a little large now, but I have tons of room to grow! As I said, my intention is that this will be where I store all of their important papers, artwork, report cards, programs, pictures, etc… so I need plenty of room!



The box has a file folder for each year. I plan to add folders for each extra curricular activity, clubs, camps, etc…

Step Four – Review It

There are two times you may want to review and discard again if needed. The first is at end of the school year. Take this opportunity to flip through the contents of the file for the current year and evaluate if everything needs to be kept. This is a great time to see if there are any duplicates and let the extras go!

The second, is every five years. Take a minute to go back through the files for previous years and eliminate again if needed! Remember that you are keeping your favorites!

I am so excited to have a place for all the kids papers and pictures! Contact me if you want one too!


Arbonne 28 Day Cleanse, My Journey

11 Mar


Leigh Lusk Living is committed to helping make life simple! Today, I want to share a product that has simplified and changed my life. If it changed my life, it could change yours too!

Organization can apply to many things in life, including food! I am not just talking about cleaning out your pantry or your refrigerator. I am talking about simplifying grocery shopping, menu planning and even simplifying food you eat.

I have always organized my shopping lists, maximized shopping time and budget. I planned each weeks meals and I cooked what I believed were healthy meals. They probably were to some extent. However, I do not enjoy cooking. I would much rather clean the kitchen after the meal, than prepare it. In all honesty, I never really thought much about the products I was buying or the ingredients in those products.

I had no idea that the products I was consuming were having a direct impact on how I felt each day. In retrospect, that sounds silly. Of course, what I was putting in my body was having an effect on how I felt each day. I was tired all the time. I lost my focus, my energy… I had lost me.

When I worked full time, I thrived in routine. When I quit my corporate job, I lost a piece of myself. When you are with your kids 80% of the time you lose focus and are drained of energy. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely blessed to live this life. Blessed, to be with my children. However, holy wow they can be a constant drain on your energy.

I did’t feel like I did when I worked. I was in a fog. I was overwhelmed, not sure how to get back. I love owning my own business and sharing my time with my children. However, I knew something had to change. I wanted to feel better. I realized I was too busy to focus on me! I wasn’t eating healthy or even regularly. That is right… a granola bar a 2pm does not constitute lunch. Shocker!

I had interest in clean eating and even tried researching it. However, the amount of information was overwhelming and boom… just like that I closed the browser. Then a friend told me how Arbonne changed her life. The Arbonne 28 Day Challenge boosted a step by step plan and a coach… BAM you have my attention.

Arbonne and the 28 Day Challenge is a genius combination. A combination of natural, pure and safe products with a step by step guide to learn how to eat clean. It appealed to me because it is a lifestyle, not a diet. I don’t do diets… ever. I also loved that it was going to teach me something and give me a months worth of healthy recipes! I was sold!

28 days later… I am hooked. It took about 3 1/2 weeks for my energy to improve and when it did everything changed! I was not craving a nap at 1pm and I wasn’t wrecked by 6pm. I feel incredible! I got ME back!!!

Plus, another month of living the 80/20 clean eating lifestyle, I have almost lost ten pounds! What! I never imagined getting five much less ten!

These are the products that Arbonne sells as a part of the detox…

(2) bags of Protein Chocolate and Vanilla

Digestion Plus

Daily Fiber Boost

Energy Fizz Sticks (Pomegranate & Citrus)

(2) Boxes Herbal Detox Tea

7 Day Body Cleanse

Shopping Lists

One Month of Recipes

One on One Coaching

Access to a Private Facebook Group

Plus, One Free Product of Choice up to $50 in Value

So, if you have been thinking you need to make a change. If you feel overwhelmed or not sure where to start. Take a look at this program. I highly recommend it! Improve your health and get your energy back! Let these improvements spill over into all areas of your life!

A Place for Everything…

31 Dec

After Christmas it may seem like you will never find a place for everything… I feel you!

I feel like I am DROWNING in my kids toys! Thanks Santa!

Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching, time to get organized!  I helped this cute little family organize their unbelievable playroom a few months back. The space and storage in this room are to die for! Perfect for two adorable little babies!























Cheers to an New Year and fabulous organization!

Before and After: Christmas Closet

8 Dec

Do you want a Christmas closet? Oh, I do! In my dreams, I totally have a Christmas closet!

This sweet holiday loving client has a huge Christmas closet! Just one problem, it needed a little holiday clean-out! I don’t know anyone (including myself), that enjoys going through holiday decorations at the end of the season. You are either sad to see it go or so very ready for it to be put up! You end up shoving it back into the attic! 🙂 Right?!






Do you need a holiday purge? After Christmas is the perfect time! Let me help you put away the holiday and save you some stress next year! Happy Holidays!

Our Home…

1 Dec

Home Quote

Whether it is taking care of loved ones or creating a space that you enjoy and refreshes you… a home is to be cherished! I love helping my clients make their home a place to love and making their lives easier… I love it!

Our house continues to evolve and the memories we make each day will last a lifetime! Our addition is done, minus a few small touches!

Here is a flashback… starting with one of my kids memories! Rainy day fun…



After looking for a new home for two plus years, we could not find anything that we really loved. We finally decided to add on to our house, with the hope that it would give us everything we needed.  My husband and I designed the entire addition with three goals in mind: 1) Open Up the Kitchen 2) Add Space and Storage 3) Entertaining Space.

The day the kitchen wall came down, we knew we had achieved goal number one! It was one of the biggest and the best changes to our house! I love a lot of things about the changes to our house, but the breakfast bar on the other side of the sink has to be one of my favorites!


We are also seriously enjoying the screened in porch with fireplace! Talk about adding entertaining space! I screened in porch is a must!


I am busy making our house and several others a home! 🙂 The next pictures will be the finished product!





Life is Busy, but Good!

22 Oct

Hello All! I cannot believe it has been seven months since I have posted! Ugh!

Well, what is my excuse?! Hmm… life is busy? Yep, that is it! I know you understand!

I last posted on April 15th, which is the exact day we started on our home addition! This was the beginning of a crazy busy time in our lives! The addition took 2 1/2 months to complete and completely took over my life! Hence, the beginning of why I have not posted in such a long time!

The other reason is that business is good! I have been booked solid for months! What a blessing it is to love what I do and love my clients! I have been organizing and decorating to my little hearts content! This has left me very little time for blogging! I have a lot of catching up to do! Watch for posts in the coming weeks with before and afters of our home and client projects!

Here are some pictures of our home before, during, and after… I will post more pictures of the interior and finished product, soon!

IMG_5412[1] IMG_5413[1] IMG_5414[1]

The last picture was taken months ago… thank the lord! The house is now complete, minus a few projects! More to come…