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Playroom Love!

28 Jul


I just absolutely love organizing a playroom! Why? Well, because you have all the beautiful items you need to stage and accessorize! Just think of all your child’s toys as accessories to your design!

After Corner

I loved organizing this playroom for this sweet little girl! The room already had three great things going for it!

Number 1. They already had two great storage units, all I had to do was combine them for a more cohesive look!

Number 2. They had a little desk in the room, which was easy to convert to a little art desk! It just needed to be uncovered.

Number 3. Plenty of closet room! Doesn’t everyone need just a little more closet room? However, in most homes the playroom is in a bedroom and typical bedroom closet system really don’t work for playroom storage. So we added some vertical storage to utilize the space!







I loved organizing the sweet play space for a fabulous little girl and someday her baby brother and sister!