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Hate Doing Laundry?

26 Feb

Hate doing laundry, oh doesn’t everyone? I really don’t mind the washing, the drying or the folding. However, I really dislike putting it away! But wouldn’t it make it more fun if you loved your laundry room? I organized this laundry room for a sweet little family and it is super cute!

Ready for some laundry room love?


First off, this client’s home is gorgeous! The the laundry room is too cute! Don’t you love the blue and white? So fresh and clean! Love it! This room has tons of storage and just needed a little TLC!

Here is the Before and After…


Ok… So my before pictures did not turn out great! Somehow… my finger keeps ending up in my pictures! I did get some pictures of the drawers, so let’s start there!


First step, clear the drawers and insert drawer liner. I used adorable wrapping paper I found at TJMax. It also turned out to be a perfect match! I love it when a plan comes together!









After the drawers were organized, I went to work on the cabinets. I used great little bins from the Dollar Store and Martha Stewart labels! I cleared the counter tops to create a great work area or folding space. Then we took some art that was hanging on the wall and set it against the back splash for some interest!



Lastly, I re-purposed a basket the client already had to make use of the top of the dryer. This is a great tip, it keeps all of your laundry items together and keeps the top of the dryer from becoming a catch all.


Now, doesn’t that just want to make you say ahhh! Such a relaxing, lovely laundry room!

Laundry Room Love

2 Dec

So the laundry room may not be one of your favorite rooms in the house, but it needs love too! I totally believe in decorating the laundry room and well as organizing it! This sweet client has a fabulous laundry room!


Adding a basket or tray to the top of the washer or dryer to store your most frequently used items is one of my favorite laundry room tips! This is storage solution has real benefits

1. It fills the space, and keeps clutter from building up on top of the machine.

2. It keeps all of your items at your fingertips.

3. It looks fabulous and it is inexpensive. This basket was $12.99 from TJMax!

Ready for a little before and after… check it out!



Something about an organized laundry room, just screams life made simple…