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Kitchen Storage – Before and After

19 Jun

I am so behind on my before and after pictures! This is one of my favorite jobs, because it was the first job I did for one of my favorite clients. I have to say that I love what I do, but I really love the people I meet. Especially, the ones that become my friends and in a way a part of my family.

This client loves to cook and she spends a lot of time in her kitchen! She just needed a fresh set of eyes to determine where and how everything should be stored.

It is just that easy sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can be the best thing for a storage dilemma!






Aren’t before and after pictures awesome! Are you ready for yours?

15 Minute Organization

9 Jan


So my recent organization dilemma was paper clutter… in the kitchen.

I don’t have a ton of counter space and even if I did, I hate piles of paper in the kitchen.

Here is what it looked like…


This lovely little pile included; my planner, my son’s paperwork from his doctor appointment, my daughters school folder, my to do list, etc. All piled up on the end of my counter, ugh! I needed a place in the kitchen where I could store these items.

We have two junk drawers in our kitchen. One, stores pens, pads, batteries, and miscellaneous items. The other, a real junk drawer. It started out as a drawer for my husband, a place where I could put his things that were left on the counter. In the end, it just became a real JUNK drawer!

Here is the proof…


See how random… a broken watch, my husbands baby photos, chargers, lip gloss, outlet covers, cat medicine, random papers, you name it! Talk about embarrassing, but remember this was my husband’s drawer!

So I decided to use this drawer as my little kitchen office, of sorts…

1. First, I emptied the drawer. Of which, 90% of the contents were just trash. Then, I relocated the other items.

2. I bought scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby. Using the paper as drawer liner, I used double stick tape to adhere it to the drawer. See? So much better!


3. Then I purchased clear drawer organizers from Container Store, for under $15.

4. Finally, I just loaded all my things back into the drawer and voila!

15 minutes and under $20 dollars!


Here is a list of what I keep in this drawer… my planner, a notebook, my journal of kids quotes and stats (where I jot things down about them), my menu planner, chargers, pens/pencils, and to do list pads.

I also keep any papers, forms, to do items in this drawer. This way, I will see them daily and remember to complete them! I have a home office, but this allows me to keep the things I need in the kitchen and not have to look at the cluttered counter top. Problem solved!

A little rainy Wednesday inspiration…

17 Oct


I love PINTEREST! I hoard away all my sweet organization inspiration here… on my pinterest page! See I do hoard something!

Here are my top ten favorite pinterest pins! Ready to get motivated?! Why are these… make life simple? All of these pins are easily attainable looks and well that is what counts… right! We can’t all have custom cabinetry in every room, but we can make simple changes for a big impact!

First, purchase a few jars from your local antique mall or even grocery store. Pop your make-up brushes in them and TADA… your vanity has a little interest and organization!

Love… love… love… this utility closet! Just peg board, couple of baskets, and an IKEA drawer system!

Place all your commonly used kitchen items in a basket or tray by the stove! Hello, storage and decorating!

I need a bar… just so I can make it look like this!

What a fabulous, simple linen closet! I love the bins, the linens on the hangers, and the medicine storage!

Here is a great way to store art supplies for older children, so they can find everything they need!

Bill station, yes please!

Ok… hold the phone… I desperately need one of these for outdoor toys, etc…

If I had a little more room on my vanity and well a little more make-up… I would so have one of these!

These are beautiful, they are like art work for your closet or dressing area!

Which one is your favorite! Time for a project… now which one to choose!