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How to Hang a Gallery Wall, The Easy Way

3 Dec


Photos walls are so gorgeous, but can be oh so intimidating to hang!  Yesterday, I hung a photo gallery for a sweet client of mine. It was so easy I thought I would share a little “how to”…

Step One: Edit

For this project, we gathered photos that had previously been hung on this wall. The client had had her home painted and wanted to hang the pictures with a more cohesive look.

We started by selecting a style and theme for the photo wall. The theme, family. The style, old and new. You always want to start with a center point or points and work out from there.

We selected the three photos for the center. A wedding photo, a family letter, and a trio of all three of her children. This gave us a starting point and a direction to help select the rest of the photos.

Here are some of the photos before…


Step Two: Framing

We had two of the center photos custom framed and bought five new wall frames from Michaels.

Once all the photos were framed, I laid them out on the floor to get a general idea of how I wanted it to look.


Step Three: Templates

Next, I made templates. I have never used templates before, but it was absolutely worth the extra time! Hanging a gallery wall is not necessarily easy, especially when you are doing it yourself. Hanging templates allows you to step back and look at the wall. Then you can make adjustments before putting holes in the walls!

My ever so handy husband had a roll of grid paper in the garage. Lesson learned… stop being annoyed by the stuff my husband “hoards” in the garage. You never know when it will come in handy! 🙂

I found a similar grid paper on www.amazon.com. I would not make them without grid paper. It made it so much easier to cut straight lines and measure the nail location.

Once you have your grid paper, lay the framed picture on the paper. Make marks at each of the four corners and cut out the template.

Now for the hard part, measuring the nail location. First, find center of your frame and mark it on your template. Then, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the nail hanger and mark it on your template. Or another way,  lay the template on the back of the frame and make a mark where the hanger is located. I do a little combination of both!

Use a tape that will not pull paint off to adhere templates to the wall. I used washi tape, but painters tape or masking tape would work too.


Once, the all the templates are up on the wall step back and take a look. You can easily adjust positions or swap picture locations.

You can see… one of my frames came with it’s own template! Cool!

Step Four: Install

Once you have your templates set, you can start hammering! Start in the center and work your way to the outside.

Select the frame you want to start with and double check your center and nail locations one more time before nailing. I always catch a mistake or two!

Then hammer the nail into the spot on the template, remove the template, hang your picture and TADA!

Step Five: Enjoy!



Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY

20 Oct


This is my new look for under $100! This is the “after”… let me start at the beginning.

So, have you ever moved and realized you have no furniture? This always seems to happen when you move to a bigger house. We needed a kitchen table and had to purchase something on the fly. That is how this kitchen table came to live with us.


That was seven years ago, and we still have it! Don’t get me wrong, this was a cute little table. You know, back when all black, matchy-matchy furniture was in-style. Wait, was that ever in? Well, I sure thought so!

Our little table has taken a beating in seven years! Ok, this is where I put my head in my hands because the next picture is embarrassing… keep scrolling!




It stayed this way for an embarrassingly long time . In my defense, tables and chairs can be expensive. Especially, the chairs! We are always thinking about moving, so I hated to replace them. The replacement would surely be too small for the next house.  See my thought process?  Yet, we have not moved and so the problem table remained!

Until… I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Craigslist!

Here is the step-by-step of how to redesign a kitchen table!

Step 1:

Inspiration. I found four perfect ladder back chairs on craigslist and that was all I needed to get this project started. I was looking for vintage chairs to repaint, when I came across the perfect chairs. The seller was asking $225, I offered $200 and sold!

See? Just new chairs were an improvement… but still so dark! ugh!


Step 2:

Sell. I posted my four chairs on craigslist at $200.  If all goes as planned I spend $0. Well, no one wanted my chairs for $200. I lowered the price… and lowered the price… sold at $125!

Step 3:

Pick a color… an Annie Sloan color. I chose Old Ocher with a Coco wax, because it is similar to my kitchen cabinets.


Step 4:

Paint. One thin coat (add a little water to the paint) and then one thicker coat.

Step 5:

Protect. Don’t wax yet! This table gets a lot of use so a coat of Polycrylic is needed. Use this product and you won’t be disappointed. It is easy and quick. I did two coats with a paint brush. It goes on thin and dries quickly! Make sure too get  water based Polycrylic.shopping

Step 6:

Wax. I mixed clear wax and Coco paint to make my own colored wax. I did not want to use the Annie Sloan dark wax because I did not want it to be too dark. I applied it lightly, so it would add just a touch of dimension.

Viola!!! A new kitchen table and chairs for less than $100!



Now… isn’t that better? Do you have furniture that could use some TLC?

Perfect Playroom Closet

18 Sep

I recently did a little “do it yourself” project with a sweet client and friend! When we were done, she had a little perfect playroom closet!


So we started with this…


A perfectly good storage system for a bedroom, but not functional for playroom storage. Three things I love about this closet:

1. Tons of space! Just not utilized… yet!

2. My client was willing to scrap the current system in favor of a system that would utilize the space and grow with the family!

3. Great storage bins!

So, this is where the DIY comes in…

Step 1: Remove the current closet system


Step 2: Install the new system. This closet system is from Home Depot, and cost about $150! Well, worth it and simple! Let me tell you, two girls and a drill installed this in about an hour. See… pretty simple right?


Step 3: Sort, purge, and reuse all of my clients fabulous bins!


This is a fabulous system and you can easily add shelves for more storage as your needs change!

When the closet it was done, it was time for a little sort, purge, and reorganize of the rest of the room. Is this playroom not super cute?


Now, they have a super cute closet to match the super cute room!