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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY

20 Oct


This is my new look for under $100! This is the “after”… let me start at the beginning.

So, have you ever moved and realized you have no furniture? This always seems to happen when you move to a bigger house. We needed a kitchen table and had to purchase something on the fly. That is how this kitchen table came to live with us.


That was seven years ago, and we still have it! Don’t get me wrong, this was a cute little table. You know, back when all black, matchy-matchy furniture was in-style. Wait, was that ever in? Well, I sure thought so!

Our little table has taken a beating in seven years! Ok, this is where I put my head in my hands because the next picture is embarrassing… keep scrolling!




It stayed this way for an embarrassingly long time . In my defense, tables and chairs can be expensive. Especially, the chairs! We are always thinking about moving, so I hated to replace them. The replacement would surely be too small for the next house.  See my thought process?  Yet, we have not moved and so the problem table remained!

Until… I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Craigslist!

Here is the step-by-step of how to redesign a kitchen table!

Step 1:

Inspiration. I found four perfect ladder back chairs on craigslist and that was all I needed to get this project started. I was looking for vintage chairs to repaint, when I came across the perfect chairs. The seller was asking $225, I offered $200 and sold!

See? Just new chairs were an improvement… but still so dark! ugh!


Step 2:

Sell. I posted my four chairs on craigslist at $200.  If all goes as planned I spend $0. Well, no one wanted my chairs for $200. I lowered the price… and lowered the price… sold at $125!

Step 3:

Pick a color… an Annie Sloan color. I chose Old Ocher with a Coco wax, because it is similar to my kitchen cabinets.


Step 4:

Paint. One thin coat (add a little water to the paint) and then one thicker coat.

Step 5:

Protect. Don’t wax yet! This table gets a lot of use so a coat of Polycrylic is needed. Use this product and you won’t be disappointed. It is easy and quick. I did two coats with a paint brush. It goes on thin and dries quickly! Make sure too get  water based Polycrylic.shopping

Step 6:

Wax. I mixed clear wax and Coco paint to make my own colored wax. I did not want to use the Annie Sloan dark wax because I did not want it to be too dark. I applied it lightly, so it would add just a touch of dimension.

Viola!!! A new kitchen table and chairs for less than $100!



Now… isn’t that better? Do you have furniture that could use some TLC?