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Tips for the New Year!

4 Jan


Well, it is that time again! Time to embrace a new year! I do not make resolutions, but I do try to get it together and start the new year off right. Here are my 10 my favorites suggestions for the new year!

De-Clutter your Body – Eat healthy, get lots of rest, and exercise. Basically, just take care of yourself!

Make your Bed Everyday – Ok… I realize that making the bed every day may sound silly. My husband would argue that there is no need to make it up, since you are only going to mess it up again! Your bedroom should be a peaceful place that you inspires relaxation. At the end of a long day, you do not want to enter your bedroom to only be surrounded by an unmade bed and clothes on the floor etc… All of that can cause stress and decrease relaxation!

Create a Fix Day – You walk into a room and continue to notice the things that need to be fixed. The leaky faucet, the paint chipped, the light bulb out. You are busy and so these things slip by you on a daily basis. Make a list and chose one day to fix everything or pretend you are selling your house. Do a walk through and compile a list of things to be fixed.

Designate an Errand Day – I love this one, instead of running two or three errands each day, try combining your weekly errands into one day. Then you can plan out where you need to go and the most efficient route to get it all completed! Place a laundry basket near the back door or in the car. When something needs to be returned, taken to the dry cleaners, etc… place it in the basket and save it for errand day.

Write it Down – I write down everything, it helps me keep control of the chaos. Start with a great planner, I use the Mom Agenda. You can get it at Container Store. Then carry a small notebook as well. I use the notebook to write down thoughts, plans, to dos, etc… Writing it down will help you remember even when your life gets crazy!

Put it Back – If you train yourself to put away things even when you are rushed it will become habit, second nature!

Move from Quantity to Quality – Quality is better that Quantity! ie… In your closet, keep five pairs of jeans that fit and you love. Keep one pair that you just cannot part with and donate the rest! You do not need ten pairs of jeans that do not fit anymore or you have had since high school!

Let it Go – Keep the Papers, Clothes, and Magazines Moving On – Save what you use or you love and get rid of everything else!

Plan a Dinner Party – There is no better way to get your home into shape then to plan a party. Having a party at my house gives me the motivation to clean, decorate, and organize like I never thought possible!

Make a To Sort Basket – I love a sort basket. When you are cleaning your house, do you find objects in every room that belong somewhere else? I do! I grab a basket and walk room to room collecting things and then go room to room placing them in the correct places!

Kid’s Clothes – When you have young children, this is one of my favorite ideas. Place a laundry basket in your child’s closet for clothes they grow out of, then at the end of the season you can decide to store, sell, or donate.

What are your goals for the new year? Make your own list and good luck!