Five Ways to Get Organized for the Holidays

17 Nov

Well, it is here… can you believe it is almost Thanksgiving? The Christmas carols are already playing and parking lots are full! The holiday season is upon us, so it is time to get organized. Here are five ways to make the holiday season more simple!

Clean Out the Pantry


Check out for some major pantry organization inspiration. Jen takes organization to the next level!

Cleaning out the pantry does not need to take long, give yourself 30 minutes. Remember, these tips are to make things simple. It is all about getting prepared, so that you can limit your holiday stress and enjoy!

The first 15 minutes, PURGE. Start by getting rid of any expired food, making room for all of the holiday goodies!

Then get out your recipes and take inventory of what you have and make a shopping list of the things you need. Shopping at home first and making a list will always save you time and money.

Clean Out the Refrigerator


Again look at this blog, Jen is amazing!

Using the same principle above, PURGE, INVENTORY, MAKE A LIST. Purging will make room for all the extra food and supplies you will be storing during the season! Seriously, nothing is more annoying than a fridge busting at the seems.

Then clean it… yes that is right… give it a good scrub with mild soap and water. It is a chore, but oh my word it is such a wonderful feeling to have a clean fridge. Or is that just me?

Stock Up on Holiday Staples


Now, after cleaning and taking inventory of your refrigerator and pantry, you should have your shopping list for your holiday dishes. Make sure to inventory your paper products too. You need to shop for your non-perishable supplies about 7-10 days before Thanksgiving. If you wait until the days before Thanksgiving, you will be running from store to store looking for sweet potatoes and whole green beans. I know from experience!  Nothing steals your peace faster, than searching all over town for an ingredient you are missing!

Clean Out the Toys


I love these bins from

Everyone who has kids, knows the feeling on Christmas morning when all the gifts have been opened. You are sitting in your pajamas, by the fire, drinking your coffee.  You enjoy a few perfect moments, then you realize you have to clean all of this up. You wonder who bought all this stuff and where are you going to put it? Ahh! I am overwhelmed just thinking about it.

This is a perfect time of year to clean house, when it comes to toys. The first step is gathering the toys. I don’t know about you, but toys in my house seem to end up scattered all over the place. Once the toys have been returned to their home, then sort them into categories. Books, pretend, barbies, trucks, puzzles, dress-up, stuffed animals and so on… When you have all the toys together and categorized, you can see just how much you have. If you have 50 trucks or barbies, you can probably get rid of a few. Especially, if you kids do not play with them.

You can even let your children select the toys to give away and donate them. It teaches them about not living in excess and the gift of giving.

Plan a Shopping Day

Woman carrying shopping bags

Plan a shopping day with your husband, mother, friend, whoever you chose! This is one of my favorite dates with my husband all year. We plan a day and night to do our Christmas shopping. In the past, we have done this in December. However, last year December seemed too late. This year we will do it before Thanksgiving!

Start making your list of gifts and stores you want to shop. Also, inventory your Christmas decor and wrapping supplies. Then map it out. You want to be efficient with your time. Plan your lunch and dinner spots too! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays!


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