Life is Busy, but Good!

22 Oct

Hello All! I cannot believe it has been seven months since I have posted! Ugh!

Well, what is my excuse?! Hmm… life is busy? Yep, that is it! I know you understand!

I last posted on April 15th, which is the exact day we started on our home addition! This was the beginning of a crazy busy time in our lives! The addition took 2 1/2 months to complete and completely took over my life! Hence, the beginning of why I have not posted in such a long time!

The other reason is that business is good! I have been booked solid for months! What a blessing it is to love what I do and love my clients! I have been organizing and decorating to my little hearts content! This has left me very little time for blogging! I have a lot of catching up to do! Watch for posts in the coming weeks with before and afters of our home and client projects!

Here are some pictures of our home before, during, and after… I will post more pictures of the interior and finished product, soon!

IMG_5412[1] IMG_5413[1] IMG_5414[1]

The last picture was taken months ago… thank the lord! The house is now complete, minus a few projects! More to come…






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