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Merry Christmas!

26 Dec

Merry Christmas from Leigh Lusk Living!

I don’t know about you but there is something about the day after Christmas that gives me the urge to organize. It could be the influx of new toys and clothes that my children receive or just the fact that the busy holiday season is coming to an end and I am ready to get my life back in order! First up, organizing for next Christmas!

Oh that is right, already thinking about next year! I decided it was time for a Christmas binder! You know a place where you can make notes about everything you did during the Christmas season and things you want to do next year.


This is a very simple project and costs less that $20.00.

What you will need:

1. White Three Ring Binder

2. Printouts from Etsy (See Link Below)

3. Dividers from Office Supply Store

4. Washi Tape

5. Label Maker or Marker

First, I ordered the printables from a shop on Etsy. They cost $10.00 and it was worth every penny! One day, I would love to make my own… but no time for that this year!

Here is the link to the set of printouts I purchased:

I like using a regular white binder with pockets, so that I can slip in pictures of possible gifts and receipts for returns. My first page is a calendar for the month of December, followed by categories for Gifts, Food, Decor, Traditions, and Christmas Cards.


I bought plain white Office Depot brand dividers for about $2.99. I covered the dividers with green Washi tape, also from Office Depot. Then I used my label maker for the categories!


The last step is just to select and fill in the printables that you want for your binder!

In my Gift section, I have a sheet for each member in my immediate family, a sheet for the extended family, and a sheet for friends, neighbors, and teachers.


I love the Food section, because you can list everything you made and the recipe for each item! You can even keep your grocery shopping list in here and update it each year! Who wants to be in the grocery store on Christmas Eve? Not me!


In my Decor section, I list gift wrap essentials and what I need for next year. Shopping for 2014 should be a breeze! I do a lot of shopping in November when our Christmas stuff is still in the attic. I hate guessing if we still have wrapping paper or ribbon. I almost always buy what we do not need and forget what we do need!


The Traditions section, has a place for current traditions and traditions to try in the future. It also has a sheet for projects, this is great when you have children!


Lastly, the Christmas Card section. This section is my favorite! I keep our address list for the cards and I keep a record of how many we order each year. I will especially appreciate this next year, because I did not order enough this year!


This little beauty will stay in my office, so hopefully I can write down gift ideas all year long. Christmas 2014 will be a breeze! Ha! I doubt it, but it is worth a try if it will make Christmas simple!

Laundry Room Love

2 Dec

So the laundry room may not be one of your favorite rooms in the house, but it needs love too! I totally believe in decorating the laundry room and well as organizing it! This sweet client has a fabulous laundry room!


Adding a basket or tray to the top of the washer or dryer to store your most frequently used items is one of my favorite laundry room tips! This is storage solution has real benefits

1. It fills the space, and keeps clutter from building up on top of the machine.

2. It keeps all of your items at your fingertips.

3. It looks fabulous and it is inexpensive. This basket was $12.99 from TJMax!

Ready for a little before and after… check it out!



Something about an organized laundry room, just screams life made simple…