Perfect Playroom Closet

18 Sep

I recently did a little “do it yourself” project with a sweet client and friend! When we were done, she had a little perfect playroom closet!


So we started with this…


A perfectly good storage system for a bedroom, but not functional for playroom storage. Three things I love about this closet:

1. Tons of space! Just not utilized… yet!

2. My client was willing to scrap the current system in favor of a system that would utilize the space and grow with the family!

3. Great storage bins!

So, this is where the DIY comes in…

Step 1: Remove the current closet system


Step 2: Install the new system. This closet system is from Home Depot, and cost about $150! Well, worth it and simple! Let me tell you, two girls and a drill installed this in about an hour. See… pretty simple right?


Step 3: Sort, purge, and reuse all of my clients fabulous bins!


This is a fabulous system and you can easily add shelves for more storage as your needs change!

When the closet it was done, it was time for a little sort, purge, and reorganize of the rest of the room. Is this playroom not super cute?


Now, they have a super cute closet to match the super cute room!


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