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Beautiful Baby Imprints

23 Sep

Look at these gorgeous baby imprints! I just had to share these fabulous treasures!

Aren’t they wonderful?!

So here is the deal… this could not be any simpler! Alecs sends you a kit and step by step instructions. All you do is push your little loves hands and/or feet into the playdoh like clay and send it back to her. You pick you colors and what you would like written on it!

Check out her website for more information… Imprints by Alecs





I absolutely love mine, they hang in my kitchen! I will treasure them forever! They also make wonderful gifts for grandparents!


Perfect Playroom Closet

18 Sep

I recently did a little “do it yourself” project with a sweet client and friend! When we were done, she had a little perfect playroom closet!


So we started with this…


A perfectly good storage system for a bedroom, but not functional for playroom storage. Three things I love about this closet:

1. Tons of space! Just not utilized… yet!

2. My client was willing to scrap the current system in favor of a system that would utilize the space and grow with the family!

3. Great storage bins!

So, this is where the DIY comes in…

Step 1: Remove the current closet system


Step 2: Install the new system. This closet system is from Home Depot, and cost about $150! Well, worth it and simple! Let me tell you, two girls and a drill installed this in about an hour. See… pretty simple right?


Step 3: Sort, purge, and reuse all of my clients fabulous bins!


This is a fabulous system and you can easily add shelves for more storage as your needs change!

When the closet it was done, it was time for a little sort, purge, and reorganize of the rest of the room. Is this playroom not super cute?


Now, they have a super cute closet to match the super cute room!

My Antique Booth!

15 Sep

I have not posted in a while, because I have been super busy! Last weekend, I opened my antique booth at Midtown Antiques! Visit booth 216!












Happy Shopping!