Antique Find Friday…

19 Aug

Well… it is actually Monday, but I found these goodies on Friday! I love furniture and home decor, I walk around antique malls falling in love with lovely things and the prices!! However, my home is full and if I bring home more stuff my husband might kill me! So… instead I will show them to you and maybe you can fall in love too!

First up… Antiques and Uniques (on 1-30)… I love the back room of this antique mall, really some great finds!



Then Midtown Antiques…




BUT… the best find of all!!! My very own antique booth! Yes… that is right! Starting September 1st, I will have a booth at Midtown Antique Mall! I have been on the list forever and every time I go there to shop, I ask if there is any booth availability! Friday was my lucky day and I am thrilled!


So this little gem is my personal FRIDAY FABULOUS FIND! It is small, but it is mine! You have to start somewhere! Note: None of the items in this picture are mine! 🙂

She just needs a little paint, fabric, and gorgeous furniture! Look for the after picture in weeks to come!


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