White Goat Paint Class

18 Aug


This summer, I attended my very first Annie Sloan paint class. It was held at The White Goat, an enchanting Little Rock Boutique that sells wonderful rustic and vintage furniture and home decor. They also sell Annie Sloan’s line of paint and teach the class. If you love the look, but don’t want to get your hands dirty they will paint your furniture for you!

The class consisted of six ladies and the instructor. They have two classes an Intro to Chalk Paint and an advanced class. They ask that you start with the introductory class, the cost is $75 per person. The classes are extremely popular, so you need to sign up early!

I have worked with Annie Sloan before, so I was not sure how much I would learn. I would definitely say it was worth the money and the time to take the class. If you have not worked with the paint before it would be especially valuable!

You get four sample boards and one picture frame to paint. Plus, you get to see all of the other ladies creations and since everyone has different tastes you get to see a lot of different colors… 24 boards and 6 pictures frames! If you love what someone else created, just write it down and try it at home!

We did practiced four different techniques… Single Color, Two Color Distressed, Dry Brush, and Colored Wax!


The best and most valuable part was that you could ask the instructor any and all questions about your projects at home. For example, I am doing a kitchen and dining room table and he recommended using a lacquer or water-based poly before adding wax!

If you are thinking about using chalk paint, definitely take this class! The paint is super easy to use and you can create hundreds of different looks!


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