Do What You Love…

17 Jul



Well, the time has come and I am ready to test out the “do what you love” philosophy I have combined my love event planning, home decor and organization to create a company that will make the lives of my clients, in one word… SIMPLE.

So here I go… I have wanted to be a professional organizer since Oprah did a show about the industry, in probably 1994! You are laughing… but I am totally serious. My favorite TV show was Clean Sweep. I mean what teenager would not love a television show where they clean out, sort, and redecorate peoples homes!

I have three goals…

Goal Number 1 – Spend more time with these little loves…  

The big guy… My husband is the guy that makes it all possible. He is my best friend, my handy man, and my biggest supporter!

Sweet baby number 1, she is the most amazing little girl! She and her baby brother are the reason I do everything in my life! They are truly my little miracles.

Oxford Family

Our newest member… sweet baby number 2… my beautiful baby boy! Already the sweetest child, god ever made! I mean who can resist this face…

Jackson 4 months Crop

Goal Number 2 – Never work a day in my life, because I am always following my dreams and loving what I do for others!

Goal Number 3 – Make Life Simple… for myself, my family, and my clients!


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