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5 Minute Organization

16 Dec

I have decided to do some organizing around my house and share!  I love to do room by room organizing about every six months and since I have some time off around the holiday now is a great time to get it done!

I started in my kitchen! The main problem is that I do not have the gigantic pantry in my dreams! I have a small kitchen, which means I have to get creative with storage!

I was using the boxes that the snacks came in, but really I could do better than this! I took some of my own advice and pulled everything out and started over!
Tada! This is much better! Total project cost $3, Total project time 15 minutes! I decided to use three white bins from the dollar store. They fit perfectly in one of my kitchen pull out drawers. The snacks are easier to see and with a baby latch to keep the baby out… I am good to go! I put all the snacks I buy in bulk in the bins. There is still room in the back of the drawer for other snacks.