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Time Saver

28 Feb

I am a budget lover! In the past I managed our money manually. Meaning, writing transactions in a ledger, writing checks, and manually imputing monthly expenses into an Excel budget spreadsheet.

However, after my daughter was born I just did not have time to keep this up. I first switched to internet bill pay. This helped, but my budgeting spreadsheet was still tedious. I two options: give up the budget spreadsheet or try something new!

I bought Quicken Home and Business and it is awesome! It was less than $100 and it does everything for me! I used to spend hours recording, balancing, budgeting and now I only spend minutes!

This program is simple and easy to use. It allows you to link up your bank accounts and credit cards. You click one button and it updates all of your accounts. It allows me to categorize each transaction and print a report to see where our money goes!

My favorite part is that it allows you to monitor categories that can get out of control, for example my daughters clothing budget! Ahhh, how it has simplified my life! 🙂

Love… Love… Love…

9 Feb

What an incredible centerpiece! I love the branches, little jewels, and of course the flowers.

Simple Solutions

7 Feb

I love when I find something so Simple, it is obvious. This is a simple home organizing solution, it can be completed on any Sunday afternoon. The addition of  two large hooks to the back of a coat closet door, allows for great additional hanging space. I find that I have a love for bags… bags for the pool, beach, gym, dry cleaning… you name it and I probably have a bag for it.

This is a great solution simple solution for all of those bags! I cannot wait to try it out in my house!

Perfect for an Outdoor Wedding

4 Feb

Oh Etsy, how I love you!

This wonderful sign would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. Plus, since they are customizable and under $60 they would be perfect for any wedding!

Not Your Ordinary Guest Book Table…

3 Feb

I absolutely love this idea for an outdoor wedding!

Your guest book table does not have to be boring, nor does it have to covered in flowers. This beautiful antique table is a perfect, simple, and classic touch! Plus, you can use it in your new home! It will always be a special family piece to cherish and that is probably the part I love the most!

All Things Beautiful

2 Feb

Talk about Beautiful! The last picture says it all! I absolutely love these inspirational real weddings!

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